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How Summitlings Works

Our core value generation is focused on delivering the best educational events online and maximizing marketing opportunities for teachers.

We provide events with the most useful, holistic and diverse information to improve your life.

Meet experts to go further with your personal transformation.


We provide the best opportunities for our speakers to gain brand awareness, social proof, positioning, expand their email list.


Who We Are

Summitlings was founded by businessman, linguist and psychologist Dr. Rafael Rojas. Today, Summitlings is a marketing technology company that empowers teachers around the world and connects hundreds of thousands of students through its events.

We work every day to create the best digital events in the world and make sure you provide the best opportunities for your assistants and teachers.

What We Do

Why We Do What We Do

We are lovers of human development, we believe in collaboration, teamwork and we like to spread messages that can change the world or at least someone's world.

About Summitlings

A company with values and purpose.

Growing together and improving our surroundings.

We always believed that the important thing to advance in the best version of oneself brings with it a transformation of our surroundings, both in the people around us, as well as in our physical world in which we live ... Our environment, wildlife.

Something very important for us is to donate part of our income to foundations that protect the environment through reforestation of forests and jungles, we donate money to projects that carry out research to reduce the amount of waste, produce more ecological packaging, which generate less waste and they make our world a more sustainable and healthier place for us and our animals.

We offer free motivational talks in hospitals for cancer patients to accompany them in the hardest moments.

We support foundations that rescue homeless animals on the streets.

We support foundations in developing countries that fight against poverty, hunger and lack of medicines.

Our Team

Creative Director

President and Founder

Evadne García

Rafael Rojas Peréz

Diego Nava

Head of Operations

Customer Service

Project Manager


Luis Reyes

Brenda Terres

Project Manager

"The event organized by Summitlings in 2020 was a very powerful experience for the dissemination of Flower Therapy and meeting of Flower Therapists from different countries, along with being a public success." Julia Peréz Videla


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